It’s Summers, keep your car healthy

Summers and India can’t be separated. The harsh sunlight can adversely affect both the interior and exterior of your car. Moreover, the very climate doesn’t prompt you to get inside the car and drive.

To ensure its safety, make sure that the functions are going smooth. Don’t forget to take your car to the service centre on a regular basis. Servicing includes a proper check of the car parts as well as the test driving. It will secure a stable functioning for the engines, shock absorbers, tyres, exhaust etc. of your vehicles.

The rags soaked in water and then squeezed could be placed in the centre of the vent. Keep replacing them after regular intervals. Another uncommon but workable fact is to stay bare footed in the car. Some nations do not allow so. Hope your country does.

You can consciously choose to drive when the heat is relatively less. For example, try to drive one hour before the standard office timings. And, you will feel so relaxed while driving. There will be less traffic and ultimately less heat.

So that, long drives are always tension-free.

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