Drive in a hilly region with ease

It’s not a rocket science to drive in hilly regions. Rather lack of expertise is attributed to this cause. Let’s talk about some tips and tricks to make you an expert driver in such areas. So that you actively take a trip to the mountains, during the vacations of your kids.

Driving up the steep hills
Too much load on the car is not favorable for either of you. If you are still under the presumption that top gears are the best way to drive swiftly in such areas then read ahead. The right way to achieve swiftness is to change the gear when the car seems to slow down the pace. The correct procedure when going up a steep hill is when you feel the car is losing speed, don’t leave it too long before you change down. Once you follow it, you feel such a little change that you change the gear to even a lower level. This trick can help you drive at the decent speed ranging between 30 to 40 (kilometers per hour).

Going down a steep hills
While driving down the hills, specific manner of using, gears can change your driving experience for better.
Include the gear that treats engine as brakes but to a certain and limited extent. It shouldn’t reach a stage where you are not even needing a foot brake to drive down. Make an equal use of foot brake in order to monitor the pace. In fact you should follow the given procedure – keep applying and releasing the brakes after regular intervals. It will allow the brakes to not to get heated up due to exhaustion. While going down, there will come a point when the car seems to run on its own. In this situation, rather than fastening the gear, change to a lower one.
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